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What makes us a first-choice funder?

FHLBank Topeka is a crucial funding line for our district’s community banks. Our access to the capital markets allows us to offer our members a source of reliable, low-cost funds. Our members then use these funds to provide the credit products their communities need.


Our members come to us first because we offer:

  • Highly customizable products and expertise

  • Low-cost options

  • Good return on member capital

  • A history of stability and reliability


What products and services do we offer?

Advances - Wholesale funds that provide members liquidity and help them manage interest rate risk

Letters of Credit - An alternative to using traditional collateral to help secure public unit deposits as well as the ability to use confirming letters of credit to enhance bonds issued to fund local projects

Mortgage Partnership Finance® Program - A unique secondary market alternative for fixed rate mortgage loans

Housing and Community Development - A wide array of grant programs and reduced cost advances help our members support affordable housing and economic development

Deposit Services - Include demand deposit accounts, overnight deposits and certificates of deposit

Safekeeping - Comprehensive safekeeping for all types of securities

Wire Services - A direct interface with the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City


What does the FHLBank system do?

Since 1932, the Federal Home Loan Banks continue to raise billions of dollars in the financial markets for the benefit of their members. Through the FHLBanks, local lending institutions have access to those funds to provide affordable credit within the communities they serve.


The FHLBanks recognize homeownership and economic development as the cornerstones of strong communities. Since 1990, the FHLBanks have contributed more than $4.5 billion toward the completion of 776,000 affordable housing units and have lent $64 billion in low-cost advances for economic development initiatives, resulting in the creation of 744,000 housing units and 223,000 jobs.


Why are the FHLBanks important now?

The regional nature of the Federal Home Loan Banks enables the system to expand and contract as the needs of member financial institutions and their communities change over time. This flexibility and reliability provide the foundation for the Home Loan Banks’ unique and necessary role in the financial system.


As a nation, we are experiencing unprecedented challenges in economic conditions and credit availability. The demand for smarter regulations, more prudent underwriting and consumer-friendly financial instruments continues to grow. The FHLBanks’ role in keeping low-cost funds flowing to communities remains key to our country’s economic health as we work our way through the problems in the financial markets and beyond.


Lending institutions, policymakers and community leaders agree that the role of the Federal Home Loan Banks has never been more important, especially in today’s unprecedented economic environment.









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