2021 Community Support Statements

FHFA Community Support Statements are due no later than October 29, 2021. We are encouraging members to complete this as soon as possible to avoid being placed in restricted status. Emails are being sent to contacts containing instructions for completing the statements.


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Explore the tabs above to learn more about the MPF Program. If you have questions, please contact us.

The MPF Program offers a variety of product structures to accommodate different lender preferences and risk.


  Available Products


  • MPF Original - lets you originate, sell, and service fixed-rate, residential mortgage loans receive a credit enhancement fee based on the performance of the loans.

  • MPF Original – Credit Enhancement Upfront– offers the same features as MPF Original but allows members to take the CE fee compensation upfront instead of over the life of sold loans

  • MPF 125 - offers you the ability to originate, sell, and service fixed-rate, conventional residential mortgage loans and receive a credit enhancement (CE) fee for sharing the credit risk.

  • MPF Government - allows you to sell fixed-rate mortgage loans that are insured or guaranteed by government agencies.

  • MPF Government Mortgage-backed Securities (MBS) - purchases your government loans and then aggregates and pools them into securities guaranteed by the Government National Mortgage Association.

  • MPF Xtra - offers you the option to sell fixed-rate, conforming loans into the secondary market without retaining the credit risk.


  • MPF Direct - offered you the option to originate and sell your jumbo loans (The MPF Program has currently suspended its jumbo loan offering.)



Accessing the Secondary Market 



Mortgage product information, training and applications

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