Whether your institution is seeking alternatives to managing liquidity, expanding credit options, mitigating interest rate risk or funding community investment projects, your membership in FHLBank Topeka can be the financial link. 


FHLBank’s customized credit products and funding strategies can be key elements in helping you meet customer demand and surpassing shareholders’ bottom-line expectations.


Benefits of membership


Membership provides your institution with access to an array of flexible funding options for:

  • Mortgage lending
  • Liquidity
  • Asset/liability management
  • Community investment needs, including affordable housing and economic development initiatives.


After purchasing FHLBank stock, your institution will earn a membership and activity-based dividend. Our favorable dividend rates vary with the general level of interest rates. Don't forget to take your activity-based dividend into consideration when you borrow. When you apply it to your advance cost, you'll see an effective cost reduction of 27 basis points.


If you want to know more about our membership requirements, visit the links below.

General eligibility requirements

Verify your membership eligibility by ensuring your institution meets the following criteria:

  • Duly organized under federal or state laws
  • Subject to inspection and regulation
  • Makes long-term (five years or greater) home mortgage loans or purchases pass-through mortgage securities
  • Latest regulatory examination and results of an FHLBank financial analysis indicate stable financial condition
  • Management history and home financing policy consistent with sound and economical home financing




Please call or email your area's account manager for more information about becoming a member.


Colorado, Western Kansas and Western Nebraska

Rusty Davis

800.933.2988 or 720.212.9873 


Central and Eastern Nebraska, Northeast Kansas

Suzan Saville

800.933.2988, ext. 8172


Kansas |  most of Kansas

Jeff Steiner

800.933.2988, ext. 8170


Central and Eastern Nebraska, Northeast Kansas and Oklahoma

Suzan Saville

800.933.2988, ext. 8172






500 SW Wanamaker Road
Topeka, KS 66606





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