Congressional Outreach


In 1932, the United States Congress created the Federal Home Loan Banks to serve as a source of credit for financial institutions to make home loans in their communities.


Since that time, the FHLBanks have served a vital role in the nation's economy, spurring housing and economic development opportunities and contributing to America's development of affordable housing. FHLBank grants and low-interest loans are catalysts for the construction and revitalization of housing targeted to people with low- and moderate-incomes, and projects funded by our Affordable Housing Program serve a wide range of neighborhood needs. While the FHLBank system's mission reflects a public purpose, all 11 regional Banks are privately capitalized and do not receive any taxpayer assistance.


The mission of FHLBank Topeka's Government Relations department is to serve as a source of information for Members of Congress and their staffs by creating greater awareness of the impact FHLBank has on constituents throughout Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska and Oklahoma. Through our quarterly publication, Home to Hill, visits to Washington, and Congressional and media events held in our four-state region, we strive to improve the public's knowledge of FHLBank Topeka's mission and role in delivering financial services to our nearly 730 members and how those services improve communities throughout our region.

As the financial services industry evolves, there are issues both short- and long-term that can potentially impact the operations of FHLBank Topeka. FHLBank Topeka is committed to sharing information that will help these decision makers be as familiar as possible with the FHLBanks' purpose and mission so that we can continue to fulfill the vital role we play in delivering financial services to our members and their communities.




3-Minute videos on the FHLBank System


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