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Palm readings. Tarot cards. A crystal ball. Fortune cookies. There are plenty of ways to tell your fortune. See your financial future clearly by changing the way you think about wholesale funding. Get a comparison of brokered CDs and FHLBank advances. Our goal is to help you save when it comes to funding sources. We don't want you to have to guess or continue consulting mediums, we want to show you how our low rates and quarterly dividends can make a difference for your balance sheet. 

Why FHLBank advances?


  1. Fast - FHLBank advances are quick to execute with money in your account in minutes.
  2. Flexible - Our lending officers can custom build the product that best fits your funding strategy with a variety of terms from overnight to long-term.
  3. Friendly - Our responsive staff is only a phone call away!


All we will need to complete the comparison is a list of the brokered CDs on your balance sheet, including:

  • Amount, rate and term
  • Settlement, maturity and call dates
  • Fixed rate or variable rate

Comparison Request

Watch our short video to see why fortune favors an FHLBank advance‚Äč


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