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FHLBank Topeka’s line of credit is a flexible borrowing line that allows you to draw or pay down funds daily. Whether you need daily funding or longer liquidity, our line of credit is the fast break you need to score big.
Our line of credit is always a win.


  • Fast  |  Funds are placed in your account in a matter of minutes.

  • Convenient paydown options |  Call Lending or pay down online.

  • Small minimum draw size  |  Only $100,000 is needed to draw on the line of credit.

  • Low dividend-adjusted cost |  Your rate is up to 25 bps lower when you consider your dividend. See the dividend in action.

  • No maturity date |  Keep the funds as long as you need them.

  • Shorter maturities than the alternative   |  A three-month maturity is typically the shortest available for brokered deposits. With the line of credit, it is one day.

Want to take a practice shot? Test your line of credit with FHLBank.

  • Make sure you can quickly access funding.

  • Identify untapped sources of collateral on your balance sheet.

  • Demonstrate to regulators that you have a source of contingent liquidity (complete with documentation you can share).

  • The test costs about $1 and takes just a few minutes.

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