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Wire Transfers

FHLBank Topeka’s wire transfer services feature a direct computer interface with the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City and sophisticated control systems to expedite and secure your transactions.



  • Third-party, settlement, foreign and repetitive wires offered
  • Secure transactions through recorded phone lines, PINs for all authorized users and call backs
  • Settlement for ACH, clearings, correspondent transactions, ATM and credit cards
  • Online information updated every 30 minutes
  • Historical information on wires in compliance with the Bank Secrecy Act
  • Compliance with AML and OFAC requirements


  • Manage cash flow with timely incoming and outgoing wire transfer online reports
  • Act as a pass-through reserves correspondent for customers required to maintain a reserve balance at the Federal Reserve Bank
  • No need to maintain a separate Federal Reserve account



ACH, coin and currency, reserves and wire transfers

800.934.9473  |  Fax: 785.234.1795


Nancy Hanks ext. 6065 

Virginia Butler ext. 6140

Diane Gardner ext. 6038 

Sally Schreiner ext. 6139

Jane Warkentine ext. 6141


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