2021 Community Support Statements

FHFA Community Support Statements are due no later than October 29, 2021. We are encouraging members to complete this as soon as possible to avoid being placed in restricted status. Emails are being sent to contacts containing instructions for completing the statements.


Careers at FHLBank






FHLBank’s headquarters includes a cafĂ©, activity room, fitness center, walking trails and so much more. We made every effort to respect the environment in our new building and achieved LEED® gold certification through such improvements as geothermal ground sourced heat, eight electric charging stations in the parking lot, 14 bike spaces, six showers and workstations that feature environmental controls.

We also work hard to recognize the importance of a diverse and inclusive workplace. Watch the video to the left to learn more about our diversity and inclusion mission.

It's an exciting time for FHLBank Topeka.



We work hard for our members. We do our best to ensure the community financial institutions in our region are a partner. We value our members, and we support them with top-notch customer service and a wide array products.

Many employers will talk about values, which is likely a set of benchmarks handed down from the C-suite to the employees. At FHLBank Topeka, we respect our business partners and established our core values based on their input. In our evolving organization, these core values may change but the process by which we decide on them will stay the same:


Integrity     Accountability     Partnership     Excellence


FHLBank Topeka is one of 11 FHLBanks nationwide, which serve approximately 7,400 financial institutions across the country. Click the icon to the right to learn more about how we and the other FHLBanks operate with a series of short videos.



500 SW Wanamaker Road
Topeka, KS 66606





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