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Pledging sufficient collateral assures you have readily available  access to our reliable, efficiently priced funding.

Each member or housing associate of FHLBank  is required to pledge sufficient eligible collateral to secure all extensions of credit, including advances, letters of credit, draws on standby credit facilities, MPF Program Credit Enhancement obligations and derivative transactions. 

Please refer to the  Member Products and Services Guide - specifically the Schedule of Eligible Collateral (under Resources below) - for full Collateral requirements.



Collateral Webinars

Each year FHLBank Topeka offers members a series of collateral trainings. These trainings share changes and updates to the Member Products and Services Guide, underwriting guidelines, eligible collateral and outline the collateral verification process. Find all annual training companion slides in the resources section below.


Collateral Review Contacts

Dedra Duran-Gray
Dedra Duran-GrayVP, Director of Collateral and Safekeeping Operations800.905.2733, ext. 8203
Amber HuskeCollateral Review Coordinator800.905.2733, ext. 8195
Nicholas BarnesCollateral Review Officer800.905.2733, ext. 8197
Rob BrownCollateral Review Officer800.905.2733, ext. 8199
Tim RoyerCollateral Review Officer800.905.2733, ext. 8200
Michael StottmanCollateral Review Officer800.905.2733, ext. 8196
Nina WhittredgeCollateral Review Officer800.905.2733, ext. 8198
Troy Mitchell
Troy MitchellCollateral Review Officer

Financial Services Contacts

Elaine ShumakerAVP, Financial Services Manager877.933.7803, ext. 8204
Tina CarsonFinancial Services Securities Analyst877.933.7803, ext. 8209
Debbie StewartFinancial Services Analyst II877.933.7803, ext. 8205
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Lindsee MyersFinancial Services Reporting and Support Analyst877.933.7803, ext. 8207
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Art VarellaFinancial Services Analyst I877.933.7803, ext. 8210
Mike MetevierFinancial Services Reconcilement Specialist877.933.7803, ext. 8208
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