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Video 0:44 play_arrow Video / Podcast December 19, 2022 Welcome to Your New Experience Lending Webinar Video 37:37 play_arrow Video / Podcast November 3, 2022 Marginal Cost of Funds Webinar Lending Officer Derek Layton and Member Solutions Manager Leslie Mondesir provided an overview of FHLBank Topeka’s Marginal Cost of Funds Tool. Joel Video 1:23 play_arrow Video / Podcast October 21, 2022 2023 AMC Invitation from Emcee Joel Zeff Join us for our 25th anniversary Annual Management Conference April 19-21, 2023. podcast Podcast 15:33 play_arrow Video / Podcast September 28, 2022 Rate Expectations | Sept. 2022 FOMC Meeting Our Capital Markets experts recap and comment on the September Federal Open Market Committee meeting. Videos Video 1:52 play_arrow Video / Podcast September 26, 2022 Fidelity & FHLBank Topeka How Fidelity Bank's partnership with FHLBank Topeka helps their community podcast Podcast 9:25 play_arrow Video / Podcast September 15, 2022 2022 #500forGood In this episode of Bank Statements we discuss FHLBank Topeka's #500forGood campaign. CLA presentation Video 13:11 play_arrow Video / Podcast September 12, 2022 2022 Community Leader Award Congratulations to Fidelity Bank, our 2022 honoree. Product Explainer Video Video 2:42 play_arrow Video / Podcast September 9, 2022 New SOFR Advances Explained Learn how you can use our new SOFR-based advance to support your institution's efforts. Webinars Video 1:09:41 play_arrow Video / Podcast August 19, 2022 Deposit Strategies in a Tightening Cycle podcast Podcast 15:31 play_arrow Video / Podcast August 15, 2022 Community Financial Institutions and Marginal Cost of Funds In this episode of Bank Statements we talk to Dale Sheller, Senior Vice President of the Financial Strategies Group for The Baker Group. podcast Podcast 9:56 play_arrow Video / Podcast August 3, 2022 Rate Expectations | July 2022 FOMC Meeting Our Capital Markets experts recap and comment on the July Federal Open Market Committee meeting. podcast Podcast 21:20 play_arrow Video / Podcast August 2, 2022 District Economic Updates and Trends Reports Learn about the quarterly district economic updates and trends reports available on our Financial Intelligence site podcast Podcast 7:39 play_arrow Video / Podcast May 5, 2022 A Conversation with Tony Venditte at AMC Introducing Tony Venditte, our regional account manager based in Lincoln, Nebraska. Collateral Webinar Video 1:18:11 play_arrow Video / Podcast April 6, 2022 Collateral Eligibility Learn about FHLBank's collateral underwriting guidelines, changes to collateral eligibility and what collateral is eligible to pledge. Webinars Video 1:14:47 play_arrow Video / Podcast April 6, 2022 Collateral Verification Learn about the types of collateral verifications, the collateral verification process and best practices for passing collateral verification if selected. podcast Podcast 16:48 play_arrow Video / Podcast March 9, 2022 2022 Homeownership Set-aside Program In this episode of Bank Statements, we speak to Jessica Puvogel and Kristen Combes about the 2022 Homeownership Set-aside Program (HSP). podcast Podcast 18:23 play_arrow Video / Podcast February 24, 2022 The Fed's Hawkish Shift on Rates We discuss the December 2021 Federal Reserve board meeting and scenarios to consider for future rate hikes. Midwest Bank 500forGood Video Video 0:56 play_arrow Video / Podcast January 26, 2022 Midwest Bank | Norfolk, Nebraska
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