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Informational Purposes Only
The material on this site is for informational purposes only. By moving through this site, all viewers acknowledge that by providing the material on this site, FHLBank Topeka (i) is not providing investment advice; (ii) is not making an offer to extend credit, a grant or subsidy; and (iii) is not soliciting investment or making an offer to buy securities.

Accuracy Not Guaranteed
This site includes information that is subject to change without notice. We want this information to be as up-to-date and accurate as possible, but we cannot guarantee and do not warrant that it is error-free or that material accessible from this site is free of viruses. You should not rely on the information in this site when making investment or credit decisions or when calculating the timing or amount of any payment on debt securities.

Warranty Disclaimer
This site, including all content, software and information made available on this site, is provided as is. FHLBank Topeka, its employees and agents make no representations or warranties of any kind concerning the contents of this site or information made accessible by the software used in this site, or any products or services of, or hypertext links to, any third parties, and disclaim any expressed or implied warranties, including without limitation, noninfringement, fitness or merchantability for a particular purpose. FHLBank Topeka shall not be liable for any errors contained in this site or for incidental or consequential damages related to the use or performance of this site or its contents.

Products and Services
FHLBank Topeka's products and services are governed by various agreements between the FHLBank and its customers as well as certain FHLBank policies and applicable regulations. In the event of any inconsistency between this site material and such agreements, policies and regulations, the agreements, policies and regulations shall be controlling.

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