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Affordable Housing Program

$17 Million In 2023, FHLBank Topeka awarded 22 projects more than $17 million in AHP funding.
$12 Million In 2022, FHLBank Topeka awarded 15 projects more than $12 million in AHP funding.

Whether you're converting a treasured downtown building into senior citizens' housing or financing a commercial loan in a low-income neighborhood, FHLBank Topeka's affordable housing and community development programs can help.

The FHLBank System’s Affordable Housing Program is one of the largest privately funded housing grant programs in the United States. FHLBank members, in partnership with public and private housing development organizations, prepare a detailed application for this competitive program.

See a complete list of our 2023 recipients by state followed by a list of our alternate projects.

Typical AHP Users
Public Housing Authorities, Housing Developers, Community Organizations, City & State Government Agencies, Local Community Agencies, Nonprofit Organizations, For-Profit Organizations, Habitat for Humanity, Self-Help Programs and CHDOs.

Secured Online Information
It is important to us that members know securing their information online is a top priority. Please see our Information Assurance Policy to view policies and procedures. The AHP online system will house all information submitted for HCD programs on Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS has obtained national and global assurance certifications. View all certifications here. Information on AWS cloud security can be found here.

Approved AHP Projects by Year



How to Complete the AHP Application
The Housing and Community Development (HCD) department has multiple training options to assist applicants in completing their General Fund competitive application. HCD encourages applicants review the Affordable Housing Program (AHP) application training materials, including the AHP Application User Guide and AHP Training Videos before starting your application. Please review the AHP Implementation Plan (IP) as the IP is the policy document that guides the program and sets the expectations for applicants. Exhibit C of the IP includes the optional scoring commitments which merit points in the competitive AHP application. Commit to criteria for scoring consideration in the AHP Online application.

HCD Tips:

  • HCD staff is available for Technical Assistance (TA) up to and until the round closes
  • Applicants utilizing TA seem to have a higher chance of success
  • Start the application process early to provide time for TA
  • HCD can review your in-process application, if requested.
  • HCD is not responsible for applicants missing scoring opportunities
  • Once submitted by the sponsor, TA for the application is no longer available
  • Post submission, communication between HCD and applicants is limited to clarification and as initiated by HCD

When ready to begin the AHP Online application, the AHP User Guide helps applicants complete each page of the application. For questions about submitting an application, contact a representative from the HCD department at 866.571.8155.

AHP Online

AHP Round Information
  • Round opening - July 1, 2024
  • Round closing - Aug. 16, 2024
  • Announcements - No later than Dec. 31, 2024
  • Maximum subsidy per unit - $75,000
  • Maximum subsidy per project - $1,500,000
  • AHP subsidy available - At least $26.7 million
AHP Round Forms

Contact the Housing and Community Development Department at 866.571.8155.



How to submit AHP disbursement requests
All approved projects must submit a disbursement request within 12 months of the effective date on the project’s AHP Agreement. The entire AHP subsidy must be requested within 42 months, and all disbursements must be funded or funds de-obligated within 48 months of the effective date shown on the project’s AHP Agreement to complete the Project.

Select which type of disbursement you would like to request.

Owner-Occupied Rental



We are committed to helping AHP recipients succeed, therefore prior to project completion, we require semi-annual reports that show the progress of the project.

All projects must submit Semi-annual Progress Reports and any required documentation via AHP Online. Click here to access the AHP Online User Guide-Semi-Annual Reporting.

Project Completion Reporting
All projects are required to complete Project Completion Reporting (PCR) via AHP Online. Refer to the Resources below to download A Sponsor's Guide to Documenting Scoring Commitments.

For additional information and to complete the PCR, select the project type.




Second Quarter 2024 Maximum Mortgage Rates for Owner-Occupied Projects:

  • First Mortgage 8.82
  • Second Mortgage 10.82

AHP Online

Homebuyer Education
Effective for rehabilitation completion dates and loans that close on or after Jan. 1, 2020, FHLBank will only accept homebuyer education courses approved by the designated organizations listed below. Freddie Mac-approved providers can be found in AllRegs and Fannie Mae-approved providers can be found in the Selling Guide.

General Homebuyer Education Requirements:
Homebuyer education must be completed within the current or previous calendar year of the purchase closing date. The date of course completion must be visible on the homebuyer education certificate.

Only one adult household member must complete the homebuyer education course and be named on the certificate.

The provider must sign the certificate if the course is taken in a classroom or face-to-face setting. The homebuyer must sign the certificate if the course is taken online.

FHLBank recommends the required homebuyer education course be taken prior to the loan closing.



You can securely transfer Affordable Housing Program documentation with Proofpoint.

FHLBank Topeka utilizes Proofpoint to ensure the secure electronic transfer of personally identifiable information (PII) to FHLBank. Sign up for a Proofpoint account and begin transferring all AHP documentation.

You must sign-up for an account before transferring documents.
Download the complete Proofpoint User Guide here.

**Please note: You must verify your Proofpoint account within 30 minutes after receiving the verification email or you will be required to register again.

You may utilize the Proofpoint button below to register for a Proofpoint account. Once you have registered, the Proofpoint button below can be used to access Proofpoint to securely transfer all AHP documents. Email documents directly to your AHP Specialist,, through Proofpoint. If you have any issues using Proofpoint, contact HCD at 866.571.8155 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m, Monday through Friday.



Partnership in Action

The partnership between FHLBank and our bank, thrift, credit union and community development financial institution members is making a difference in Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska and Oklahoma.

  • Providing needed liquidity to expand affordable credit
  • Supporting affordable housing and community development
  • Offering competitive secondary market options
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