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Rental Disbursements

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How to Submit Rental Disbursements
All approved projects must request a disbursement of at least 25% of the AHP subsidy awarded within 12 months of the effective date on the project’s AHP Agreement. The entire AHP subsidy must be requested within 42 months, and the construction/rehabilitation must be completed within 48 months of the effective date shown on the project’s AHP Agreement.

Click the button below to download the AHP Online Disbursement User Guide.  All documentation must be submitted via AHP Online.

Disbursement User Guide


To submit a disbursement request that is acceptable to FHLBank Topeka, the following items must be submitted as applicable to project type (all workbooks and supporting documents can be found under the forms or resources tab above):

  • An updated Feasibility Workbook;
  • Documentation of the development costs incurred;
  • If the project is occupied, provide a Tenant Income Worksheet;
  • Supporting documentation for all sources of funds;
  • Settlement Statement or equivalent for land acquisition; 
  • Retention documentation – A sample Real Estate Retention Agreement can be found under the Forms tab above.


Failure to provide the acceptable documentation before the expiration of the 12-month deadline will result in the de-obligation of the AHP Award unless an extension request is submitted and approved by FHLBank before the 12-month deadline.

If the Project is not ready to request a disbursement by the 12-month deadline a single six-month extension can be granted at FHLBank’s discretion, given the Project can justify that adequate progress is being made. An extension does not extend the 42-month request of subsidy requirement, nor the 48-month requirement to complete the Project. The extension is only available to projects that show tangible progress towards completion, as determined by FHLBank. 

Extension Requests  will be considered if some, or all of the milestones listed in the  Implementation Plan  have been completed.

The requests must include documentation that validates the completion status of these milestones.

Click the button below to download the Extension Request User Guide.  All documentation must be submitted via AHP  Online.

Extension Request Guide

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