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FHLBank System at 100: Focusing on the Future

As a valued stakeholder, we encourage you to engage in the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) review of the Federal Home Loan Bank System.  

The FHFA started this review in October 2022. Thank you to those of you who shared your perspective on the importance of FHLBank Topeka to your institution and community. The FHFA has announced the listening sessions will culminate in a final written comment period ending March 31 and wrap-up listening sessions March 22-24, 2023.  

Below find articles and other resources about the review. For ideas on how to start your written comments to the FHFA, please refer to the considerations provided beneath the resource links.

Submit Comment Letter
Comment deadline extended to March 31, 2023

Register for Final Listening Session
In-person in Washington, D.C. - March 22
Virtual - March 23-24


What to Consider in a Written Response

As you craft your comment letter, the information below may be helpful to consider.

Since 1932, FHLBank Topeka has been a regional partner offering products and services to help our members in Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska and Oklahoma build vibrant communities. We encourage you to share your story of how FHLBank Topeka has impacted your financial institution in the past and how it factors into your future. 

Here are a few questions to consider as you create a comment letter: 

  • Why are you an FHLBank Topeka member?  

    Consider sharing your asset size and lending emphasis as well as the economic support you provide to your community. How does FHLBank help you do what you do? Should membership benefits should be expanded to other types of institutions? What are your thoughts on the impact different membership segments could have on FHLBank's risk?

  • What FHLBank products and services do you use? 

    Tell why you use advances, letters of credit or the Mortgage Partnership Finance Program and how these products or services help you better support mortgage finance and community development. If you've received grant funding through the Affordable Housing Program or Homeownership Set-aside Program, what has that meant to your community or a community you serve? Do you feel that members who demonstrate greater support for housing and community investment should receive additional benefit from the cooperative through lower advance rates or increased access to grant programs?

  • How do FHLBank products help you better manage risk? 

    With reliable access to liquidity, are you better able to make loans and offset deposit outflows? Do FHLBank products help you manage interest rate risk resulting from your customers' preference for longer term, fixed rate loans?  

  • How does the acceptance of a wide array of loan collateral pledged to FHLBank further your lending activities and community support? 

    Tell how FHLBank Topeka collateral acceptance aligns with your lending activities and the credit needs of your community. What would your liquidity management capabilities look like without the ability to monetize illiquid loan collateral? If access to advances was directly connected to your residential and community investment lending, rather than solely on eligible collateral, would that impact your ability to support your community through your lending activities?

  • How important is the regional nature of FHLBank Topeka to your institution?

    Explain how FHLBank Topeka supports your needs through a strong partnership that includes access to FHLBank management and a board of directors elected by members. Do you feel the regional focus results in offered products and available collateral that better meet your needs?  


Contact Us

We encourage you to engage and help shape the discussion. If you have questions or would like more assistance in participating, please contact your regional account manager at 800.933.2988.  

Rusty DavisRegional Account Manager - Colorado, Western Kansas and Western Nebraska720.212.9873
David Harris
David HarrisKey Accounts
Drew Simmons
Drew SimmonsRegional Account Manager -
Jeff SteinerRegional Account Manager -
Tony VenditteRegional Account Manager - Central and Eastern Nebraska, Northeast
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