2021 Community Support Statements

FHFA Community Support Statements are due no later than October 29, 2021. We are encouraging members to complete this as soon as possible to avoid being placed in restricted status. Emails are being sent to contacts containing instructions for completing the statements.


Mission, Vision & Values






The mission statement is an attempt to succinctly illustrate the fundamental purpose of an organization. An effective mission statement will be brief in verbiage and broad in scope, allowing for the later, detailed components of a strategic business plan. 

FHLBank Topeka Mission Statement:


We make a difference by providing reliable liquidity and
funding to help our members build strong communities.




A vision serves as a guiding image of success for an organization. A vision, broadly, answers the questions, "What will success look like?" and "How do we want to be perceived?"


Our vision is: 

Bank of Choice. To be a trusted business partner with our members by being their preferred provider of products and services; and

Employer of Choice. To provide meaningful and rewarding work opportunities by helping individuals reach their full potential.

Financial Excellence. To excel in the areas of shareholder value, profitable growth, prudent risk management and strong capital management;



Partnership - Working together to achieve our mission

Excellence - Strive to be the best.

Integrity - Do what is right.

Accountability - Be responsible to each other.



500 SW Wanamaker Road
Topeka, KS 66606





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