Community Housing Program


The CHP helps you finance owner-occupied and rental housing in your community at below market rates and various terms.


FHLBank Topeka's Community Housing Program (CHP) is a special advance program authorized by the Federal Housing Finance Agency’s (FHFA) Community Investment Cash Advance (CICA) regulations. The CHP provides wholesale loans (advances) priced below FHLBank’s regular advance rates to help finance owner-occupied and rental housing in their communities. This favorable pricing, coupled with the availability of funds in terms of four months to 30 years, helps lenders extend long-term, fixed rate credit for housing. Comparable funding for community and economic development loans is available through FHLBank's Community Development Program (CDP) advances.


CHP Advance Products and Programs

  • Regular fixed rate advances
  • Callable advances
  • Amortizing fixed rate advances
  • Adjustable rate advances



  • Single-family home loans
  • One-to-four family rental properties
  • Multifamily rental projects


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