Toll-free: 866.571.8155  |  Local: 785.233.0507  |  FAX: 785.234.1765




Phone number prefix for extensions is 478.


Community Programs Staff:


Tom Thull, First Vice President Community Investment Officer, Director of Housing and Community Development, ext. 8056


Mark Ward, AVP, Community Programs, Technology, Compliance and Reporting Manager, ext. 8058

Area of expertise: CHP/CDP, community support statements, AHP/HSP compliance


Mike Borcher, VP, AHP Manager, ext. 8057

Area of expertise: AHP


Eric Degenhardt, HCD Specialist II, ext. 8061 

Area of expertise: AHP


John Gary, HCD Coordinator, AHP Developmental Feasibility, ext. 8066

Area of expertise: Project progress/construction cost reasonableness


Savanna Gonzalez, HCD Specialist, ext. 8070

Area of expertise: AHP


Jennifer Bohnenkemper, Community Programs and Records Specialist, ext. 8063

Area of expertise: CDP/CHP and Community Support Statements


Joan LickteigHCD Specialist II, ext. 8065 
Area of expertise: AHP


Kelly Meerpohl, HCD Specialist, ext. 8067
Area of expertise: AHP


Alyse Mioni, HCD Coordinator, AHP Rental, ext. 8059

Area of expertise: Rental AHP


Dustie Nitcher, HCD Coordinator, AHP Owner Occupied, ext. 8060

Area of expertise: Owner-occupied AHP


Jessica Puvogel, HCD Coordinator, Homeownership Set-aside Program, ext. 8064

Area of expertise: Homeownership Set-aside Program


Utika ScalesHCD Administrative Specialist, ext. 8072

Area of expertise: Owner-occupied payoffs and retention documents


Erika Skinner, HCD Specialist, ext. 8062

Area of expertise: AHP 


Terri Smith, HCD Coordinator, Compliance and Quality Control, ext. 8071

Area of expertise: procedures, forms, compliance


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