Toll-free: 866.571.8155  |  Local: 785.233.0507  |  FAX: 785.234.1765




Phone number prefix for extensions is 478.


Community Programs Staff:


Tom Thull, First Vice President Community Investment Officer, Director of Housing and Community Development, ext. 8056


Mike Borcher, VP, AHP Manager, ext. 8057

Area of expertise: AHP


Mark Ward, VP, Community Programs, Technology, Compliance and Reporting Manager, ext. 8058

Area of expertise: CHP/CDP, community support statements, AHP/HSP compliance


Jennifer Bohnenkemper, Community Programs and Records Specialist, ext. 8063

Area of expertise: CDP/CHP and Community Support Statements


Kristin Combes, HCD Analyst II, ext. 8068 

Area of expertise: AHP


Eric Degenhardt, HCD Analyst II, ext. 8061 

Area of expertise: AHP


Savanna Gonzalez, HCD Analyst, ext. 8070

Area of expertise: AHP



Joan LickteigHCD Analyst II, ext. 8065 
Area of expertise: AHP


Kelly Meerpohl, HCD Analyst, ext. 8067
Area of expertise: AHP


Alyse Mioni, HCD Coordinator, AHP Rental, ext. 8059

Area of expertise: Rental AHP


Dustie Nitcher, HCD Coordinator, AHP Owner Occupied, ext. 8060

Area of expertise: Owner-occupied AHP


Jessica Puvogel, HCD Coordinator, Homeownership Set-aside Program, ext. 8064

Area of expertise: Homeownership Set-aside Program


Utika ScalesHCD Administrative Specialist, ext. 8072

Area of expertise: Owner-occupied payoffs and retention documents


Erika Skinner, HCD Analyst II, ext. 8062

Area of expertise: AHP 


Terri Smith, HCD Coordinator, Compliance and Quality Control, ext. 8071

Area of expertise: procedures, forms, compliance


Kathyleen Wilson, HCD Analyst, ext. 8066

Area of expertise: AHP 


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Topeka, KS 66606





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