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2022 AHP Details


  • Round opens July 5, 2022
  • Funds available: a minimum of $11.5 million
  • Maximum subsidy per unit: $75,000 New for 2022!
  • Maximum subsidy per project: $1 million New for 2022!
  • Round closes  5 p.m. August 19, 2022 Central Time
  • Announcements - No later than Dec. 30, 2022


What is the Affordable Housing Program (AHP)?


The AHP is a special program that helps members provide financing for owner-occupied and rental housing that is affordable to very low-income (VLI), low- and moderate-income households through the use of subsidized advances and direct subsidies. 

Owner-occupied Projects
For eligible projects the AHP subsidy can be used for:

  • down payment and/or closing cost assistance for the purchase of an existing or newly constructed home; or
  • the rehabilitation of an owner-occupied home. 

Rental Projects
For eligible projects the AHP subsidy can be used for the purchase, construction, or rehabilitation of a rental project, where at least 20 percent (20%) of the units in the project are occupied by and affordable for VLI households. 


What is a Sponsor?


For owner-occupied projects
An organization or public entity that is integrally involved in the project by:

  • managing the construction or rehabilitation of the property;
  • providing empowerment services directly as defined in the Implementation Plan; or
  • qualifying borrowers and providing or arranging financing for owners of the units. 

For rental projects
An organization or public entity that has an ownership interest (including any partnership interest) in the project. Prior to disbursement of funds, Project Sponsor must have an ownership interest in the buildings and underlying land or have an interest in a lease with a term greater than or equal to the retention period.


What is a Member?


An institution that has been approved for membership in FHLBank and has purchased capital stock in FHLBank.

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