Affordable Housing Advisory Council Nomination Instructions




Nominations for FHLBank Topeka’s (FHLBank) Affordable Housing Advisory Council (AHAC) will be accepted beginning November 2 through November 20, 2020.


Nominees are being accepted for each state in FHLBank’s district: Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, and Oklahoma.


Ensure the nominee meets the eligibility criteria and duties listed below prior to submitting a nomination.


The links for both the Nominator and Nominee Forms are displayed below. Complete the Nominator Form and select Submit to send to FHLBank. Direct the Nominee to this page. Instruct the Nominee to review the information and then select the Nominee Form link to complete the nomination process.

To be eligible to serve, nominees:

  1. Must reside in the state within FHLBank’s district they have been nominated to represent.
  2. Must represent community (not-for-profit and for-profit) and not-for-profit organizations actively involved in providing or promoting low- and moderate-income housing or community lending in FHLBank’s district.
  3. Must not be an employee of or a member of a board of directors for an FHLBank member.


Duties include:

  1. Meeting at least quarterly with representatives of FHLBank’s board of directors to provide advice on the ways FHLBank can carry out its housing finance and community lending mission, including, but not limited to: advice on the low- and moderate-income housing and community lending programs and needs in FHLBank’s district, and on the use of Affordable Housing Program (AHP) subsidies, FHLBank advances, and other FHLBank credit products for these purposes.
  2. Making recommendations to FHLBank’s board of directors including, but not limited to:
  • FHLBank policies that govern the AHP and targeted community lending;
  • Housing needs in FHLBank’s district.



  1. Attend at least half of the quarterly AHAC meetings throughout their term;
  2. Be willing to travel to two meetings per year, generally in FHLBank’s district and attend meetings virtually for the remaining two meetings;
  3. Be an active participant in the quarterly meetings;
  4. Understand appointment to the AHAC may be conditioned on the results of a background check. 


FHLBank Obligations:

  1. Reimburse AHAC members for necessary travel and reasonable associated expenses incurred for attending AHAC meetings.
  2. Provide AHAC members with a fee for each meeting attended as follows:
  • In-person Meeting: $500.00
  • Video Conference Meeting: $250.00

*Increased fees for AHAC Chair and Vice Chair




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