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How to complete FHLBank Topeka's AHP application

FHLBank Topeka's Housing and Community Development (HCD) department has several training videos for the General Fund application round. Prior to the 2021 round opening, the videos will be updated to reflect changes made to this year's application. Prior to beginning the application process, we encourage you to review the training videos linked below. When you are ready to begin the application after the round opens, the AHP Application User Guide will walk you through each page of the application.


For questions about submitting a 2021 application, contact a representative from the HCD department at 866.571.8155. Technical assistance will be available until the round closes.


AHP 2021 Round Information        


  • Round Opening - July 5, 2021
  • Round Closing - August 20, 2021
  • Announcements - No later than Dec. 31, 2021
  • Maximum Subsidy per Project - $750,000
  • Maximum Subsidy per Unit - $50,000
  • AHP Subsidy Available - $8.5 million




AHP Online




AHP Application Training         




AHP 2021 Round Forms          


2021 AHP Application Forms Coming Soon!

Member Authorization Forms

AHP/HSP Authorization Form identifies your institution's officers, employees and/or agents who are authorized to complete and execute applications, agreements, disbursement requests, reservations, forms and other documents related to the AHP and HSP.


AHP/HSP Authorization Form - Supplemental allows you to designate a new authorized user to the AHP/HSP Authorization Form on file with FHLBank Topeka. If you need to remove an authorized contact from your AHP/HSP Authorization currently in place, a new AHP/HSP Authorization (not a supplemental) must be completed.


Questions? Contact the Housing and Community Development Department at 866.571.8155.


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