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How to complete FHLBank Topeka's AHP application

The Housing and Community Development (HCD) department has multiple training options to assist applicants in completing their General Fund competitive application. HCD encourages applicants review the Affordable Housing Program (AHP) application training materials, including the AHP Application User Guide and AHP Training Videos before starting your application. Please review the AHP Implementation Plan (IP) as the IP is the policy document that guides the program and sets the expectations for applicants. Exhibit C of the IP includes the optional scoring commitments which merit points in the competitive AHP application. Commit to criteria for scoring consideration in the AHP Online application (Click it to Pick it).

HCD Tips:


  • HCD staff is available for Technical Assistance (TA) up to and until the round closes
  • Applicants utilizing TA seem to have a higher chance of success
  • Start the application process early to provide time for TA
  • HCD can review your in-process application, if requested. HCD is not responsible for applicants missing scoring opportunities (Click it to Pick it)
  • Once submitted by the sponsor, TA for the application is no longer available
  • Post submission, communication between HCD and applicants is limited to clarification and as initiated by HCD


When ready to begin the AHP Online application, the AHP User Guide helps applicants complete each page of the application. For questions about submitting a 2022 application, contact a representative from the HCD department at 866.571.8155.


AHP Online




 2022 AHP Round Information        


  • Round Opening - July 5, 2022
  • Round Closing - August 19, 2022
  • Announcements - No later than Dec. 30, 2022
  • Maximum Subsidy per Project - $1,000,000
  • Maximum Subsidy per Unit - $75,000
  • AHP Subsidy Available - $11.5 million



Member Authorization Forms

AHP/HSP Authorization Form identifies your institution's officers, employees and/or agents who are authorized to complete and execute applications, agreements, disbursement requests, reservations, forms and other documents related to the AHP and HSP.


AHP/HSP Authorization Form - Supplemental allows you to designate a new authorized user to the AHP/HSP Authorization Form on file with FHLBank Topeka. If you need to remove an authorized contact from your AHP/HSP Authorization currently in place, a new AHP/HSP Authorization (not a supplemental) must be completed.


Questions? Contact the Housing and Community Development Department at 866.571.8155.


500 SW Wanamaker Road
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