Special Offering


We have reached the $75 million limit for the current special. Thank you for your interest in our advance rate special. Please call the Lending Desk at 800.809.2733 to learn how our products can help with your funding needs.

We are offering a set price of 2.50% for any maturity between two years and five years. A dip in the pricing curve has created an opportunity to capture a cheaper rate, and our offer of 2.50% for any of the stated structures makes the deal even better. Only $75 million is available in this special offering.

Members participating in this special can renew maturing advances or take down new funding at the low rate of 2.50%. With the line of credit rate hovering around a 2.64%, this is a great opportunity. 

This amazing rate is only being offered for five days or until we reach the $75 million total. For more information on the bullet advance, please see page 10 of our  Member Products and Services Guide

Current Indications


Indications are quoted as of 3/29/2019. 
“All in Rate” is based upon advance being supported entirely by Class B stock 
Assumes payment of a projected dividend of 7.50% (7.50% x 4.5% = 33 basis point cost reduction). 





  • Orders will be accepted through April 3, 2019, or $75 million in total is sold. 
  • Advances will fund at 2.50%.
  • FHLBank’s normal prepayment language will apply.
  • Minimum advance amount is $10,000.


Call Lending at 800.809.2733 to take part in this special
Orders may be placed between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. CST. Normal underwriting and collateral requirements apply. Further discounted pricing does not apply to this special advance offering. FHLBank reserves the right to modify the terms of this special or withdraw this offer at any time.




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