Special Offering


Regular Fixed Callable Advances

Due to member interest in our last special, FHLBank Topeka is offering another special on Regular Fixed Callable Advances, taking 8 basis points off ANY amortizing or bullet callable advance structure. The callable advance gives you the flexibility to prepay without a fee at specific intervals throughout the life of the advance. Why should your institution take advantage of these discounted rates? 

  • Attract and retain customers wanting longer-term fixed loans and use low-cost advances to manage interest rate risk, uncertainty, and fears of inflation. 
  • Flexibility to partially or fully fund loans while minimizing prepayment and interest rate risk 
  • Quarterly call options available versus historically semi-annual options, giving you the flexibility to restructure liabilities more frequently.

Reach out to your Regional Account Manager or the Lending Desk to discuss strategies for how callable advances can work for you, but remember to act fast as discounted rates will only be here for a limited time.

CURRENT INDICATIONS (as of 6/23/2021, start of day)

Structure Regular Callable 
Special Callable
Dividend Adjusted
 10yr/3yr Amortizing2‚Äč (%) 1.613 1.533 1.303
 15yr/5yr Amortizing2 (%)  2.059 1.979 1.749
 4yr/2yr Bullet (%) 1.01 0.93 0.70
 7yr/3yr Bullet (%) 1.62 1.54 1.31
 10yr/5yr Bullet (%) 1.99 1.91 1.68

1 FHLBank Topeka’s dividend lowers a member’s effective advance rate up to 23 bps when supported by Class B stock

2Amortizing priced using straight-line semi-annual payments


  • Orders accepted through June 30, 2021.
  • Advances will price at the of the order based on current standard rate less discount and settlement can be delayed up to five days.
  • FHLBank’s normal prepayment language will apply – see MPSG for details.
  • Minimum advance amount is $10,000.


Call Lending at 800.809.2733 to take part in this special

Orders may be placed between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. CST. Normal underwriting and collateral requirements apply. Further discounted pricing does not apply to this special advance offering. FHLBank reserves the right to withdraw or extend this offer at any time and revoke any or all terms offered.


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