Special Offering


Window of Opportunity on Convertible Advances


FHLBank Topeka is offering a window of opportunity to allow your institution to take down convertible funding based on recent member interest and the continued attractive current rates. We are highlighting two structures with a 10-year final maturity, allowing you to choose from a 3-year or 5-year lockout period. Select the structure with the lockout that works best on your balance sheet.


 Structure  Indication   3yr Bullet  5yr Bullet  10yr Bullet
 10yr/3yr European 2.83%  3.13%  NA 3.69%
 10yr/5yr European 3.00% NA  3.31% 3.69%

Convertibles quoted on an actual/360 day basis; bullets quoted on an actual/365-day basis. Indications as of 5/22/18. 

  • It is typically appropriate to compare the rate on a convertible advance to bullet advances with terms similar to the final maturity and lockout period. 
  • The European structure consists of a single option to convert to an adjustable rate advance at the end of the lockout period. The adjustable rate is based on FHLBank Topeka’s 1-month short term advance rate with the option to prepay on the conversion date or any rate reset date thereafter. 
  • If this advance is not converted, it will remain fixed at the initial rate until maturity.
  • Access pages 24-26 of our Member Products and Services Guide for more information about convertible advances.

Contact the Lending Desk at 800.809.2733 or fhlb.lending@fhlbtopeka.com by the end of day Wednesday, May 23 to participate. Please share the structure you are interested in as well as the amount. If you need help deciding on a structure, we’re always available to discuss your options.

We will confirm your participation and communicate pricing via phone on Thursday, May 24, by 10 a.m. CST. Advances will fund the same day. 

Please note that funding each structure is dependent upon receiving $2.5 million or more in requests.


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