Special Offering


Attractive Adjustable Rate Callable Advance Pricing For the remainder of October, FHLBank Topeka is offering a discount of 5 basis points off the standard tier pricing on the Regular Adjustable Callable advance with a 6-month maturity and the 6-month Fixed Rate bullet advance. The Regular Adjustable Callable resets to FHLBank Topeka’s 3-month short-term advance rate.

Short Term Funding Needs

  • Farmers and ranchers may need loans to help fund cattle, crop inputs and other operations
  • Producers may delay cashing in their grain crops until after the first of the year but still have seasonal outlays 

Adjustable Rate Callable Advantages

  • Take advantage of the low rate at the short end of the curve
  • Flexibility to prepay without fee after 3 months with 1 business days’ notice
  • 3-month rate reset allows you to lag the impact of the Fed rate hikes

Fixed Rate Bullet Advantages

  • Allows you to lock in a fixed rate for the full 6 months
  • Avoid the predicted Fed rate hikes

Call Lending at 800.809.2733 to take part in this special pricing
The table below provides an illustration of the all-in advance rate considering our latest dividend of 7.25% on Class B stock. 


Current Indications

Indications are quoted as of 10/18/2018. 
“All in Rate” is based upon advance being supported entirely by Class B stock 
Assumes payment of a projected dividend of 7.25% (7.25% x 4.5% = 32 basis point cost reduction)


The Details

  • Orders will be accepted through October 31. 
  • Advances will fund and price at the time of the order based on current standard rate less discount.
  • FHLBank’s normal prepayment language will apply.
  • Minimum advance amount is $100,000.


Orders may be placed between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. CST. Normal underwriting and collateral requirements apply. Further discounted pricing does not apply to this special advance offering and FHLBank reserves the right to withdraw this offer at any time.


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