Collateral Contacts




Explore the tabs above to learn more about the Collateral review process. If you have questions, please contact us.


Toll-free: 877.905.2733  |  FAX: 785.234.1765

 Phone number prefix for extensions is 478.


Collateral review team:


Kylie Mergen, VP, Director of Financial Services, ext. 8203

Amber Myers, Collateral Review Coordinator, ext. 8195


Nicholas Barnes, Collateral Review Officer, ext. 8197


Rob Brown, Collateral Review Officer, ext. 8199


Tim Royer, Collateral Review Officer, ext. 8200


Michael Stottmann, Collateral Review Officer, ext. 8196


Nina Whittredge, Collateral Review Officer, ext. 8198



Toll-free: 877.933.7803  |  FAX: 785.234.1790 or 785.234.1794

Financial Services team:


Elaine Shumaker, AVP, Financial Services Manager, ext. 8204


Tina Carson, Financial Services Securities Analyst, ext. 8209


Lindsee Myers, Financial Services Reporting and Support Analyst, ext. 8207


Mike Metevier, Financial Services Reconcilement Specialist, ext. 8208


Debbie Stewart, Financial Services Analyst II, ext. 8205


Art Varella, Financial Services Analyst I, ext. 8210


500 SW Wanamaker Road
Topeka, KS 66606





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