LIBOR-indexed Collateral


How to add LIBOR-indexed Collateral on the Quality Collateral Determination(QCD) Form

The QCD form has been enhanced to accommodate unique lending values for LIBOR-indexed loan collateral should market conditions warrant such action. At this time, the lending percentage for LIBOR-indexed collateral is the same as the lending percentages outlined in the current Member Products and Services Guide and embedded in the QCD form for each respective asset type. Beginning with the Sept. 30, 2021, QCD form we are asking members to report LIBOR-indexed collateral separately from non-LIBOR-indexed collateral. This means you will enter LIBOR-indexed loans on a separate line on the QCD form.

When beginning data entry on the QCD form on our Members Only site you will now answer the LIBOR related question at the beginning of the form on the Unrestricted tab. After entering in your total assets, you will answer if there are LIBOR-indexed loans included. Once you answer yes, you can proceed with reporting. You will enter loans that are not LIBOR-indexed on the regular line items in the appropriate asset categories.

Download step-by-step instructions on how to enter LIBOR-indexed loans on the QCD form below.




Member Products & Services Guide (PDF - 135 pages) 
This guide is updated periodically with approval from our board.



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