Troubleshooting Multifactor Authentication (MFA) Issues


To increase security for our members, FHLBank Topeka’s new Members Only site requires a password and a verification code on sign-in. The verification code can be delivered through either a text message or a phone call. 


To provide the best service and security to our members, we allow the user to provide a correct verification code and then remember the computer or device for a period of 90 days. The intent is not to prompt the user again for a verification code during that period unless needed from a security perspective. The use of multiple devices will require a verification code when alternating logins between devices.


Currently, Members Only remembers your device based upon the internet address (IP address) of your device. The internet address is a unique identifier for your device on the internet and is assigned automatically. There is one possible scenario when Members Only will not remember your device and you will be prompted for a verification code more often. This scenario is identified below:


Your device is assigned a different internet address on restart (a dynamic internet address). Even when your device has a dynamically assigned internet address, you can still enjoy the benefit of the ‘remember my device’ feature by ensuring your browser preserves cached content for Members Only. The cache configuration differs between internet browsers but can typically be found under Privacy and History settings. 


If you are unsure if this scenario fits your circumstances, please contact your IT department or vendor. We are always available to provide assistance with Members Only at 800.809.2733.



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