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Introducing Low Loan Balance Pricing for MPF® Conventional, Traditional Products April 7, 2023

FHLBank Topeka is offering low loan balance pricing payups for the Mortgage Partnership Finance® (MPF) Program’s Conventional, Traditional products.

Beginning Monday, April 10, 2023, all Participating Financial Institutions with MPF Conventional, Traditional master commitments (MPF Original and MPF 125) can take advantage of the price payups for eligible loans, depending on the loan term. The additional pricing options will be available along with the existing pricing schedules on the eMPF® website, and will also be reflected in the product pricing engines.

Five new pricing grids will be available for low loan balance pricing.

  • Fixed 15 Yr 175k Max Ln Amt
  • Fixed 20 Yr 175k Max Ln Amt
  • Fixed 30 Yr 125k Max Ln Amt
  • Fixed 30 Yr 175k Max Ln Amt
  • Fixed 30 Yr 225k Max Ln Amt

This pricing option provides your institution with access to expanded pricing on low balance loans, which can help attract new customers and result in increased profitability.

To learn more about how the new pricing schedules can benefit your mortgage best execution analysis, read this short article. If you have additional questions, about the low loan balance pricing option, contact Chris Endicott at 866.571.8171 or

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