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November 15, 2019 500 for Good Recipients Announced

In September, we asked members  to tell us what they would do with $500 to improve their  community. We had 34 submissions full of great ideas for community betterment, leadership programs, economic development and charitable contributions. To say it was a difficult choice to narrow down winners from each state is an understatement. In the end, we decided on two winners from each state in our district, each of which are listed below. We look forward to helping the recipients make a difference in their communities.



Home Loan State Bank, Montrose: The $500 will be used as a donation to the House of Promise, a safe haven for girls aged 12 to 22 years who have been victims of trafficking or sexual abuse. The organization provides housing, mental health services and medical and wellness services.

The Eastern Colorado Bank, Kit Carson: Residents have formed an economic development organization to revive their small community. The first goal is to build a travel center, but first they must have the housing for staff. They have built and remodeled eight homes. The final step is to bring in a modular home. The $500 will help fund the utility hookups for the modular home.




Hanston State Bank, Hanston: Hanston's county economic development office has created a Maker Space, a workspace created to bring technology to the community for anyone to use. The $500 will help the economic development office purchase a laser engraver.

Kendall State Bank, Valley Falls: With this year’s flooding, Valley Falls' two softball/baseball fields and equipment shed were under six feet of water. The $500 will go towards reseeding and rehabilitation of the fields.



Two Rivers Bank, Blair: Two Rivers Bank continues to help those affected by the historic 2019 flooding. They will donate the $500 to Joseph's Coat, a local organization providing gift cards and services to those affected by the floods. 

First Bank and Trust of Fullerton: Fullerton's local library has started an early literacy program that takes place in the summer months. They create kits of activities and books. First Bank and Trust will use the $500 donation to fund two kits for next summer.



First Oklahoma Bank, Jenks: First Oklahoma plans to use the $500 to support their community with second-chance workshops for entrepreneurs who previously did not qualify for a loan.

Focus Federal Credit Union, Oklahoma City: Focus FCU will donate to Partners in Action, an organization that coordinates donations to the Oklahoma City public schools. They’ve selected a specific elementary school recently to sponsor. They hope to help with school beautification, supplies for teachers, recess equipment, etc.


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