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Community Development Program


Terms and Conditions

Members must comply with FHLBank’s lending procedures as identified in the Credit Guidelines section of the  Member Products and Services Guide. CDP advances cannot be used to finance any direct activity of the member or an affiliate of the member. Members are precluded from using CDP advances for their own benefit. The minimum amount of a CDP advance is $10,000.

CDP advances are priced at FHLBank’s cost of issuing consolidated obligations of comparable maturities, including concession costs, plus a reasonable allowance for administrative costs. Callable, amortizing and adjustable rate CDP advances are priced in a similar manner using market interest rates applicable to FHLBank obligations of comparable maturities and call features. CDP advance rate pricing must be applied on the date the advance is issued.

If FHLBank determines that a member is not complying with the terms, conditions or regulations of the CDP, the interest rates on the outstanding CDP advances may be changed to the comparable market rates that were in effect at the time of the original funding. Members will be given the opportunity to appeal such determinations before FHLBank implements any rate adjustment.

CDP advances are available in maturities from four months to 30 years. 

Prepayment Option
The normal prepayment fee will apply to CDP advances. For details, refer to the specific advance program.

CDP advances must be fully collateralized on the date of issuance and at all times thereafter. Please refer to the Collateral Guidelines section of the  Member Products and Services Guide.



Members should allow 48 hours for processing a CDP application. Provided an approved CDP application is on file, CDP advances may be requested until 4 p.m. CT.

Failure on the part of a member to supply any requested documentation may result in the member being restricted from access to FHLBank's Housing and Community Development programs.

Questions? Housing and Community Development Department, ph: 866.571.8155, e-mail


Required Documents

At application, submit the following:

  • Completed CDP application,
  • A list of loans for which the advance will be taken (CDP Loans tab),
  • Wages or Services (CDP Wages tab),
  • Legal Description (Legal Description tab) as applicable.


Securely transfer Community Development Program (CDP) applications and documentation with Proofpoint.

FHLBank is now utilizing Proofpoint to ensure the secure electronic transfer of personally identifiable information (PII) to FHLBank. Sign up for a Proofpoint account to begin transferring all CDP applications and accompanying documentation.

You must sign up for an account before transferring documents. 

Download the complete Proofpoint User Guide here.

**Please note: You must verify your Proofpoint account within 30 minutes after receiving the verification email or you will be required to register again. 

You may utilize the Proofpoint button below to register for a Proofpoint account. Once you have registered, the Proofpoint button below can be used to access Proofpoint to securely transfer all CDP documents.


Please email all CDP documents to  through Proofpoint. If you have any issues using Proofpoint, contact HCD at 866.571.8155 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

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