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As a newly approved Participating Financial Institution (PFI) under the MPF Program, or an FHLBank Topeka member financial institution considering the MPF Program, you undoubtedly have questions about how our secondary market program works. Listed below are helpful resources to assist you in implementing the MPF Program at your institution or your decision making process to become a PFI.


Piece by Piece, Step by Step – How-To documents that Walk You Through MPF Program Processes:


  • FHLBank Topeka MPF 866.571.8171

  • MPF HelpDesk – for MPF Guide questions call 877.345.2673

  • MPF Service Center – for MPF transactional questions call 877.345.2673

    Option 1: Transactions
    Option 2: Xtra DC's
    Option 3: Default
    Option 4: Underwriting
    Option 5: ULDD

    Key Websites for MPF related Information, Training, Guides and Online Transactions



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