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July 10, 2019 Member Insights By Suzan Saville


We know our members have many choices when it comes to funding. What sets the line of credit apart?  I talked to three frequent users of the line of credit to discover what they value about this funding source.

Why they are Overnight Line of Credit Fans

One of the most prevalent reasons these members use the line of credit is the speed and ease of drawing on their line. “It only takes a one-minute phone call each day to access the funds,” said Bryan VonFeldt. VonFeldt calls the FHLBank Lending Desk so much that he even has the number memorized. 

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Suzan Saville
Suzan Saville Suzan grew up in a small community bank, joining FHLBank in 1991. She worked as a regional account manager, in the Lending area and as our marketing manager before moving back to Lending to lead the department. She is currently our Director of Sales.
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