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February 1, 2019 2019 Housing and Community Development Programs

The programs listed below explain the Housing and Community Development (HCD) opportunities FHLBank Topeka is offering to members in 2019. Contact the HCD department at 866.571.8155 to discuss any of our programs. In addition to providing one-on-one technical assistance, our staff will also offer online training for the 2019 program year. Watch our website for more information.

Affordable Housing Program  |  The AHP is a competitive application program that provides gap financing for the acquisition, rehabilitation or new construction of qualifying owner-occupied and rental housing. The maximum 2019 AHP subsidy per project has been raised to $1 million. Learn more.

Homeownership Set-aside Program  |  The HSP is a non-competitive program for first-time homebuyers that provides up to $5,000 per eligible household for down payment, closing cost and repair assistance for the purchase or construction of homes in FHLBank's four-state district (Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska and Oklahoma). Learn more.


COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT AND HOUSING PROGRAMS (CDP AND CHP)  |  The CDP and CHP are special advance programs that provide members with wholesale loans (advances) priced below FHLBank's regular advance rates. The CDP helps members finance qualifying commercial loans, farm loans and economic development initiatives. The CHP helps finance qualifying owner-occupied and rental housing. Learn more.


Each year FHLBank Topeka spotlights community projects like the restored Hart Building in Oklahoma City, Okla., in the annual Affordable Housing Advisory Council (AHAC) report. FHLBank member, NBC Oklahoma, found funding for the revitalization of the Hart Building in the Film Row neighborhood through a discounted CDP advance. Read more about the Hart building and other targeted community lending projects from our district in past issues of the AHAC report.


COMMUNITY SUPPORT STATEMENTS  |    Participation in FHLBank Topeka’s HCD programs provides opportunities for members to meet the Federal Housing Finance Agency’s (FHFA) community support requirements and to engage in targeted community lending. Please note that the FHFA will require FHLBank Topeka members to submit a community support statement this year. Read more about the FHFA required community support statements. Learn more.

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