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October 16, 2023 Phishing and Social Engineering Attempts

We are aware of an email phishing campaign impersonating FHLBanks and/or the Council of FHLBanks. FHLBank staff members will never request confidential information such as PINs or wire and account information unless initiated during the normal course of a member initiated transaction. This campaign may broaden beyond email phishing to phone calls or texts.

Below are common red flags of phishing in emails, calls and texts:

  • They ask you to open a link.
  • They use urgent or fear-inducing language.
  • They send an attachment.
  • They request confidential or sensitive information such as PINs, passwords or account information.
  • They pressure you to log into or send money via a payment app.

If you receive an unsolicited or suspicious call or email, please don’t share any information and please contact our Wire Services team. You may also contact us if you have any questions.

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