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When is the deadline for submitting the QCD?

The Qualifying Collateral Determination (QCD) form is due 45 days after each quarter end.


How do I pledge a security to collateralize my credit obligations with FHLBank? 

If the security is held by FHLBank, a Collateral Activity Report must be completed and forwarded to Financial Services via fax (785.234.1790) or email. This report can be found on Members Only. If the security is held by a third-party custodian, the Exhibit A form must be completed and submitted to Financial Services via fax or email. To obtain an Exhibit A form, please contact Financial Services. The security is not available for use as collateral until confirmation is received from your custodian.


How often are securities priced?

Securities are priced on a daily basis.


Before I fill out paperwork to pledge a security, how do I know if the security is eligible to be pledged as collateral?

Financial Services staff can review the security for eligibility prior to a formal request being received or before a security is purchased. Click here to email your request for a review.


Where can I find security delivery instructions?

Instructions are available in the Member Products and Services Guide on page 34. 


Where can I find Eligibility Guidelines for collateral?

Guidelines are available in the Member Products and Services Guide on page 71.


How do I pledge cash?

Pledge your cash in increments of $100,000 by submitting a Collateral Activity Report. Adequate funds must be available in the overnight deposit (OND) or Demand Account. You will need to indicate on the Collateral Activity Report if you need to transfer the funds from your Demand Account to the OND account before it can be pledged.


Does FHLBank provide an online version of the QCD form?

Visit Members Only to complete the QCD form online


Will I receive notice of payment on a security before the payment date?
Yes, there is a seven-day forecast of expected payments detailed in the Safekeeping Activity – Projected report available on Members Only.


Is the same-day payment reflected in Members Only?
Yes, there is a Safekeeping Activity – Intraday report on Members Only with payment and trade information available.


Who do I contact about collateral?

Please direct any collateral, security eligibility, principal and interest or QCD questions to the Financial Services department at 877.933.7803 or by email.


How do I increase my collateral capacity?

You can increase your collateral capacity a few different ways. You may update your quarter-end QCD form at any time to reflect additional assets not previously listed on the QCD. Pledging securities is another way to increase your collateral capacity. Also, you can pledge your cash and FHLBank certificates of deposit to increase capacity. For more information about these options, click here




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