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FHFA Community Support Statements are due no later than October 29, 2021. We are encouraging members to complete this as soon as possible to avoid being placed in restricted status. Emails are being sent to contacts containing instructions for completing the statements.


FAQs - Wire Services


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What are repetitive wires?
Repetitive wire transfers are transfers of funds that are moved frequently between two specific accounts. For these types of wire transfers, a template containing predefined information that cannot be altered, can be created. Once established, only the dollar amount of the funds transferred may change. A repetitive wire template can lessen risk of error and create an ease of use and convenience when funds are moved regularly between two accounts.
How late can I wire funds? 
Bank settlement wires can be processed before 5:30 CT, while third-party wires must be processed before 5 p.m. CT. The foreign wire deadline is 4:30 p.m. CT. When initiating foreign wires, members must provide the U.S. correspondent bank..

How will I know if a wire was sent or received from/to my FHLBank account?
All wire detail, including reference number, originator, beneficiary information and amount of transaction is available on Members Only within minutes of the wire processing. Go to the Reports section and click on WIR: Wire Activity Report. The information is available on Members Only for a rolling six-day period.

What are FHLBank’s wire verify callback rules?
FHLBank will call your institution for a second verification on all non-repetitive wires and on repetitive wires over $500,000.


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