PCR - Owner-Occupied

All projects are required to complete Project Completion Reporting (PCR) within one year of the project completion date. Project completion is defined in the Affordable Housing Program Implementation Plan (IP).


Download  the Project Completion Report User Guide.
All documentation must be submitted via AHP Online.

Staff will conduct a final review of the project commitments and requirements. To document completion of the PC process, the project sponsor must submit a certification to support the following:


  1. Satisfactory progress has been made toward occupancy by eligible households,
  2. AHP subsidy was used for eligible purposes according to the commitments made in the AHP Agreement,
  3. Household incomes comply with the income targeting commitments made in the AHP Agreement,
  4. Project’s actual costs were reasonable in accordance with FHLBank’s Project Cost Guidelines,
  5. AHP subsidy was necessary for project completion as currently structured,
  6. Commitments in the AHP Agreement have been provided in connection with the project, 
  7. Each AHP-assisted unit is subject to AHP retention agreement as required by Regulations.

FHLBank will notify the project member and sponsor of receipt of the certification which completes the PCR process.



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