2021 Oklahoma #500forGood Winners





Alva State Bank & Trust Company 
Alva, Oklahoma
Alva State Bank & Trust Company plans to buy $500 worth of postage stamps and blank thank you cards. Each bank employee will pick 10 to 15 people and write an anonymous thank you note to them. It can be anyone they feel makes a positive impact on the community or anyone who just might need reminded that someone in the world thinks they are awesome. The bank is hoping the person on the receiving end becomes curious, hopeful and inspired by the note and that cycle of kindness will continue. 


American Bank of Oklahoma 
Collinsville, Oklahoma
American Bank of Oklahoma will donate their $500 to Arubah Community Clinic, a nonprofit in Collinsville run by doctors who volunteer their time. The clinic serves medical and dental needs for individuals regardless of their ability to pay in all surrounding communities and counties. To date, they have helped over 1,000 individuals from 51 different towns. Financial support is crucial in continuing service to the community.


The Bank of the West
Thomas, Oklahoma
The small community of Thomas has been without a daycare center for quite a few years. Two local churches supported one for many years but were unable to continue. Luckily, a new option has come to town. To support working families, the Bank of the West would like to make a $500 donation to the new daycare to support their efforts.


Gateway First Bank
Jenks, Oklahoma
Approximately 800 Afghan refugees are relocating to the Tulsa area. Gateway First Bank will use their #500forGood award to help provide housing assistance as part of the relocation for one of these refugees.


Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
InterBank will partner with Citizens Caring for Children whose mission is to fill Christmas wish lists for foster children through their Joy4Kids program. These wish lists are approximately $75 each, so the $500 will bring Christmas to about six foster children. Citizens Caring for Children relies solely on community support to fulfill wish list requests. The holidays can be difficult for Oklahoma foster children. Knowing that someone cared enough to provide a gift from their Christmas wish list is priceless. 


Security First National Bank of Hugo 
Hugo, Oklahoma
Security First National Bank plans to partner with the local school superintendent and his staff to select underprivileged elementary students within the Hugo school district to receive a ticket to the Endangered Ark Foundation (EAF) in Hugo. The EAF is a private nonprofit that is a retirement ranch for circus elephants. The price of admission is $25 for children under the age of 12, which is not affordable for many local families. The #500forGood funds will allow 20 children to expand their horizons and may add to their hometown pride visiting the local site. The complimentary tickets would also benefit the EAF by helping them with their goals of education and preservation. 



500 SW Wanamaker Road
Topeka, KS 66606





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