Fourth Quarter 2022 Maximum Mortgage Rates for Owner-Occupied Projects:

    First Mortgage 8.66
    Second or Subsequent Mortgage 10.66




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Homebuyer Education

Effective for rehabilitation completion dates and loans that close on or after Jan. 1, 2020, FHLBank will only accept homebuyer education courses approved by the designated organizations listed below. Freddie Mac-approved providers can be found in AllRegs and Fannie Mae-approved providers can be found in the Selling Guide.


General homebuyer education requirements:

Homebuyer education must be completed within the current or previous calendar year of the purchase closing date. The date of course completion must be visible on the homebuyer education certificate.

Only one adult household member must complete the homebuyer education course and be named on the certificate.

The provider must sign the certificate if the course is taken in a classroom or face-to-face setting. The homebuyer must sign the certificate if the course is taken online.


FHLBank recommends the required homebuyer education course be taken prior to the loan closing.



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